Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

MT Daily #28

It is truly difficult for you to forget your past, because you have to remember it before you try to forget it.

And after all of your efforts, you will remember even more of what you were trying to forget.

Rather, choose to live peacefully with your past, and just do not relive the pain.

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

MT Daily #27

I am not sure of what I am feeling,
but if you insist and you must know,
then I have to tell you … I love you.

Mario Teguh

MT Daily #26

If your heart, your face, and your ways
are not colored with love,
then it will not be beauty
that you see and feel in this world.

Mario Teguh

MT Daily #25

An honest person has every talent to succeed.

An honest hard worker will survive.

And an honest, smart, and hardworking person will be rich.

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

MT Daily #24

My dear super friends,

A problem instructs us to become smarter and stronger, so that the same or similar problems will not be able to touch us in the future.

But we procrastinate and delay action that would solve the problem, like it is going to go away by itself.

It does not work that way.

You have to face it, work on and around it, and endure it until it ceases to become a problem and starts showing the gifts it hides behind its veil.

A problem is presented to you out of love, so that you grow and become stronger, not as a heavenly plan specifically aimed to make you unhappy.

A problem is not a torture, though it may feel like one, but it is indeed a ladder to move you up to a higher quality of life.

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

MT Daily #23

My younger friends, please say this:

"I never work for the numbers.

I work to be the best at what I do.

Then the numbers will come in."

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

MT Daily #22

It is better to be angry and continue trying, than to lose hope and give up.

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always